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November 2016

“Life EWAS: Efficient & sustainable waste management methodologies using ICT tools enabling GHG emissions reduction”

The scope of Life EWAS project :

LIFE EWAS aims to foster innovation in the area of public and private interest of waste management by demonstrating the potential of new information technologies to OPTIMIZE current EU waste management operational methodologies and to establish a way forward for the standard adoption of a more sustainable model.

Aims & Objectives

Actions of the programme

Life EWAS Social Platform has launched

November has come together with the Life EWAS Social Platform which helps you learn How to Recycle!! A new month and a new way to recycle!! The Life EWAS platform is a platform which informs citizens about the importance and the benefits of recycling, gives tips to the citizens in order to recycle properly and thus help their municipality in achieving its waste management goals and shows to users how they can properly recycle more than 100 waste! Finally, the platform gives to the registered users the ability to report incidences regarding the waste collection in the two pilot areas namely in Seville, Spain and Chania, Greece. You can enter the Life EWAS Platform though the socialplatform.life-ewas.eu. The platform will be shortly available in a mobile application for android and iOs smart phones! Stay tuned for more!

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Life EWAS has got a time extension

The consortium of the Life EWAS project submitted a request for a six month time extension of the project in order to collect as much results as possible in both pilots and in order to create a social platform which will help people in learning how to recycle and how to improve their recycling performance! The answer of the Commission to this request was positive so the new end time of the EWAS project is 31/3/2017!

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Life EWAS' poster at the ISWA 2016 World Congress
LIFE EWAS was presented through a poster in the ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) 2016 Congress. The project was highly disseminated since in the congress participating more than 1200 people from 72 countries. Raised interested regarding the project was expressed by Balkan countries such as Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania as well as from central countries of such as Czech Republic but also from countries out of the EU such as Argentina. The poster of the LIFE EWAS was presented the importance of Local Action Plans in waste management, as well as the expected benefits of the projects and the under development social platform. The representatives of the consortium were Mrs. Niki Mavropoulou and Mrs. Maria Tsakona from D-WASTE.
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Life EWAS at the Greek newspaper Kathimerini

On an article titled “ Κάδοι... μπαίνουν στο ίντερνετ και ενημερώνουν” (“Bins.. getting into the internet and inform”) was hosted on the Greek national paper “Kathimerini” written by Theodora Vasilopoulou who attended the LIFE EWAS Workshop which was held in the town hall of Agia Paraskevi 3 days ago. The article briefly describes the project and its benefits, as well as hosts a few words about what is expected by the project by people who run and see the progress of the project.

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